There are so many positions to staff throughout our collaborative of charitable organizations that our parent entities have formally established an Internal Staffing Agency recruitment & placement needs.

These are our internal, Jobs help us get people working to connect our Startup and Small Business Stakeholders to the business & finance assets and resources they require.

We have more than 20 new charities and between us all we have approximately 121 jobs right now — that is 121 positions we can fill now.

These roles range from Executive Director to Podcast Production Intern. Please DO NOT SEND RESUMES they will not be considered.

We do not operate with a template mindset, our efforts will be function or content specific with more than 90% of that being dictated by and based upon our the needs the startups, entrepreneurs and small business are asking us to help them with or for resources they need connection to.

So our recruiting & hiring process is primarily focused on your interest and professional desires relative to what is needed, how its preferred, & where that capability is so alignment desires/preferences are balanced & meeting each parties need is bi-directional.

The work, experience and skills you bring will always determine and empower your trajectory because you will meet Stakeholder needs. Our discussions will determine if how we operate will help you accomplish what you envision, and teaching your self what that means and will look like is why many intern to set being self-directed is a good. Either way, its a unique enriching, knowledge gaining experience, learning more about yourself than anywhere else will allow.

Therefore, Resumes are not useful as they cannot replace the collegial, Peer-to-Peer conversations you should expect have. Chatting about what you want to pursue going forward is where we are, using what you bring is how you will get where you want to go, or help you realize where that is/isn’t.

Non-Disclosures are required for ALL pre-screens and interviews, No Exceptions.  

Below is an abbreviated list of our most urgently need roles and are being treated as “ASAP Hires“. Thank you in advance as we work to populate this webpage. Vacancy postings will be updated with a brief overview of what the roles purpose or goal is. They will be updated as quickly as is possible for our volunteers to complete.

    A Chief Advisor, Investment Management function was established more than 2 years ago remains actively engaged in learning and assessing investment management dynamics for their application to this unique charitable environment. Its other goal support the unique lending programs planned for our national Fintech/Federal Credit Union & restarting our LLC parents small $1 lending program, the Helping Hand Fund.

    The Chief Advisor intersects with the Chief Revenue & Investment Management Officer (CRimO) on Investment strategies operations, and any education or learning opportunities that present themselves.

    All our roles, including the Chief Advisor and CRimO positions are Learn/Design/Develop-as-You-Go-Position and these two advise Leadership on all learning opportunities and Advise the Founder/Board on strategic investment activities.

    In addition to meeting our internal needs and those of our 501c Stakeholders, The Incubator Council and The Foundation deliberately craft Intern and Fellowship that serve interests not met in other venues, customized to include focus that other trainings fall short in, or the learning opportunity is a structured template so desired component doesn’t exist, particularly when unique or multi-dimensional.

    If there is any interest in doing an Intern or Fellowship with our Office of Investment Management Operations (IMO), or you have training desires in other areas or Charities within our Collaborative, reach out today so we can chat a bit & get you started. Email

    The LLC and Foundation have developed a number of Empowerment Programs (EPs). Most of our EPs align Student Interns with either a Vendor Partner, Program Awardee, or 501c Startup/Small Biz Stakeholder.

    Both our A Leg Up For 501c Startups (501cLegUp) and our Student Internship Program, the Academic Partnership Initiative (API) are empowerment efforts we are relaunching from their COVID hiatus. The goal for these programs are multi-faceted and are intended to:

    • elevate the visibility of the HBCU, MSI, Community Colleges, VocEd Institutions and Student Interns populations who tend to NOT be extended any empowerment opportunities,
    • to establish a centralized hub of unique collaborative/learning/training opportunities,
    • to showcase the work our Tech Startup Awardees & the Student Interns matched to assist them by awarding unique collaborative projects created by Us or by their 501c Startups/Small Biz Peers,
    • provide unique real-time training, business exposure pipeline that results in intern-to-direct hire opportunities for every Student Interns who participates

    To learn more visit 501cLegUp at www.ALegUpFor501cStartups.Tech & API from respectively.

    We are also bringing back the first charity we launched over 20 years ago, ED-Lab Online (2002-07, 61-1410200). ED-Lab began as a favor to a few classmates back in 1998 who had no access to software or computers by letting them Telnet Access into a home servers Software Library. If you recall, in the early days online education, no-one provided a physical computer lab or online technology access to either Online Students or their Instructors. By 2001 this favor for a few had morphed into a multi-year pilot project that would be approved by the IRS as ED-Lab Online, the nations first Application Service Provider (ASP) in September 2002. That didn’t mean anyone was interested, to the contrary. Despite ED-Lab already establishing its need through an ongoing a multi-year operation, ED-Labs Founder received nothing but pushback as no one thought it made sense, especially coming from a Female Tech Engineer (ironic that she was running an Internet Company the time, so she was actively doing this as part of her living while people were telling her it would not work….. This was long before the first mention of Cloud Computing which back in the when opinions believed ED-Lab was not only a strange idea but an idea that would never work.

    Fast forward, ED-Lab Online2 has been resurrected as both a .org and a .com to provide delivery two critical functions:

    • one will provide hands on learning as a tech engineering hub
    • it will also deliver direct insight into the business mechanics, engineering parameters and technical support dynamics of providing web hosting and domain registration services thru their backend operations

    ED-Lab will also demonstrating up close and personal how the IP system works, how propagation work, it will be a hand-on break-it-then-fix it tools for mastering cyber security and other critical technologies because will will be utilizing our own registration & hosting operations as the training vehicle for learners across all our charitable and training venues.

    But it needs staff to make it happen. We’re hiring and we can’t wait to get started! If there is any interest in launching and managing our ED-Lab Online2 operation please reach out to HR at, we look forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you.

    The needs of our Startup and Small Business Stakeholders determines how we operate, what we do, and the resources we connect to/create. This also determines if delivery of those assets, resources and services are Onsite, vs. Remote, or a Combo.

    As such requirements for some roles are remote, some remote with onsite/in-person, others are onsite with some virtual & remote. As it applies to the needs of the Stakeholder being served, how you design the support and/or solution you provide to or assist them with will influence what that balance looks like for you. 

    Because our roles are self-directing & self-designed, EVERY position begins as part-time volunteer & will include a stipend once the 3-months trial-acclimation cycle has completed.

    Parties interested in any of our above roles should inquire to for more information or an outline of the positions goals.

    Again, we will be publishing a description of each roles goals as quickly as is possible, meantime thanks for your patience.

    To learn more about each of these startup charities, visit their respective websites. The sites will give you an idea of what its staff will do.

    Please be advised we now have our own Reseller environment which is on a totally new platform & being built/configured within a totally new & secure technology environment. We’ve done this for two reasons.

    First because many hosting providers are being acquired by non US Entities, noticed by the increase in the level and types of Spam hitting your email, and the nature of unrelated content to the email it was sent to.

    For example, the most common, increasingly frequent Spam emails we see include emails:
    — sent to an email address dedicated to a unrelated and totally different but restricted purpose that solicits participation,
    — presenting an unknown bill for unknown services, memberships, or purchases,
    — offering services you already provide thru your business — think emails offering web design improvement for your website BUT you’re a web designer/developer who would NOT pay some UNKNOWN to REDO their own business website,
    — request updated billing info that appears to be from a service provider, only YOUR ACCOUNT WITH THAT SERVICE PROVIDER DOES NOT HAVE & IS NOT LINKED TO THE EMAIL THE SENDER USED

    Second, we’ve always planned a securer environment as an official ICAAN Domain Registrar in two (2) Phases. However, this was delayed by COVID after our Sponsor needed to withdraw their technology & facility donations. It was not possible to reestablish, so we are moving forward on our own searching for another secure location to house our Fellowship Academy which is where the NOC/DC & its provisioning will live given its also its own training program.

    Phase I was our move to Domain & Web Hosting Reseller to facilitate that plan, that was completed and building our secure hosting environment in underway. As as small charitable business who is a child entity of a LLC parent with more than 25 additional charities ALL in startup mode, we found it most concerning that no one offered startup-friendly price points. 501c like other startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses actually expect honest what you see pricing but tend to receive bate-n-switch price points with low “sale” rates that balloon exponentially once they renew.

    So in keeping with our other business assets, we’re doing it in-house and creating our own so that expectation becomes the norm it should be. Once our backend environment is configured and setup, and Storefront is ready, we’ll publish a dedicated page here on MembershipHQ complete with info, pricing, etc.

    Meantime, some of our sites have content being retooled for recreation in the new environment. We are not migrating to avoid transporting anything unwanted. Should one of our URL links below become unavailable, we’ll need a minute to get everything updated.

    Thanks In Advance.

    Thanks again for your patience and please, stay safe.