501c Startup & Small Business Collective (501cSBC)™, Inc. is a legally registered business concern with the State of MD under ID D23773435 and IRS Tax ID 92-2604364.

The need to resolve business operational blockages & functionally intrusive problems is why 501cSBC™ is here. So it operates and serves under the NTEE Codes S40 & S43 as a Technical Assistance Charity & provider of Management Services to Small Biz Entrepreneurs.

The idea for 501cSBC™ had been unknowingly formulating over several decades.

It took on another life as instances of The Founder and her Colleagues encountering Federal & State Prime Contractors offering Sub-Contracting engagements to small businesses on Federal & State contract proposal only to NOT ALLOW that Sub to perform the work after the Prime was Awarded the contract were increasingly shared among peers, colleagues, neighbors, friends, former clients, former customers, Stakeholders from prior volunteerism, even among Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees and most noticeably from client-turned mentors.

Seems this was occurring so frequently you can set your watch by it.

501c Startup & Small Business Collective (501cSBC)™

This actually became a vision and how it needed to work became clearer…
— during the chaos of the 2015-2016 primary-election season,
— followed by biz closures & work slow-down which began in early 2017
— thanks to the redirection of Federal funds to the wall where primes & their subs went unpaid
— followed by the subsequent 2018 Federal shutdown, and finally
— with no real economic recovery between the 20218 and COVID
— the 2020 COVID lockdown itself,
— and the final nail in the small business coffin, the denial by the SBA of EIDL funds to Sol Props, Single Member LLCs & similar Small Businesses for a host of unsupportable reasons such as being fake if they didn’t have business bank account even though not required, or filing for COVIDs Stimulus complying with the $1 filing value rules only to be told Amended Returns are never considered.

501cSBC™ wasn’t formally created until February 2023. It tweaked earlier work and services of its parent, the 501c Business Incubator Council LLC resolved issues unique to each of its clients, it mastered developing solutions that helped them overcome issues resulting from no-fault events they couldn’t expect or were not positioned to see coming.

Forum Participants

Forum Participants are primarily Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees, DME Awardees, TASC Clients, ATESE & NCTSB Members, 501c Federal Credit Union Members and other 501cs. For-Profits with charitable programs and Parties Interested in contributing to the success of our Stakeholders are welcome.

As with all its new charities, 501cSBC™ is being fiscally sponsored by its co-parent EEF-501c™ so it may commence its work while awaiting IRS approval as a 501c3 Technical Assistance Charity.

Though still under construction, please feel free to visit The 501cSBC™ website at www.501cStartupAndSmallBusinessCollective.org.

Thanks to our Volunteers & Intern-Trainees for their help in producing our interim websites.

And Thanks for your patience and we get info published for you.